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Jobs for Teens

Jobs for teens are available in many industries. When young people enter the workforce, they have a clean slate. They also have the opportunity to start building a job history toward just about any employment goal.

Entry-Level Jobs are Perfect for Teens

Entry-level jobs are ideal for teens who are just entering the workforce. Employers know that teens are just starting out, so they'll hire them for entry-level positions that usually have excellent growth potential. The first few jobs that teens work are their opportunity to prove themselves as an able and willing worker.

One way to show value to employers as a teen is to start working early. Getting a job while in high school or college illustrates a positive work ethic and a desire to succeed. Employers value these traits.

Jobs for Students

Teens who are in their last few years of high school or who are working their way through college frequently have a job alongside their studies. Often, jobs are available that are related to their field of study, giving them valuable experience. When they leave school to enter the workforce, graduates who have been employed in their teen years, especially in related work, have an advantage over those who do not. Summer employment in the job candidate's teen years also indicates a strong work ethic.

Summer Jobs for Teens

Summer is the peak season for teens in the workforce. The season brings to mind kids working summer camp jobs and in theme parks. But, work is also available in other industries. According to Forbes, tutoring jobs are in high demand in the summer. Kids have time to learn skills like piano playing, learning a second language or catching up on subjects that they are struggling with in school. Forbes also reports that babysitting, lifeguard jobs and even employment as a construction worker are jobs teens work during summer.

The Takeaway: Getting a Jump on Building Your Resume is Key

When you're just starting out as a teen in the workforce, starting early on is one of the best ways to show an employer that you are a valuable worker. So, get a jump on things and get your first job early. It will pay off down the road.

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